iPhone X or iPhone XR: Which one to buy?

Apple released the iPhone X in 2017, its first bezel less phone with a heavily increased price tag. The flagship iPhones were sold at a starting price of $649 for the base model till 2017. However, the iPhone X changed the scenario completely by shooting the starting price of the flagship iPhone to $999.

The iPhone X offers a 5.8” Super HD Retina display which is gorgeous to look at and is one of the best panels in the industry (second to Samsung Galaxy phones). Also, the iPhone X was the first phone to have a gesture based navigation system as Apple ditched the home button to introduce an “all screen” phone.

iPhone X or iPhone XR: Which one to buy?

However, there is nothing exciting about the iPhone X in 2020 if you are considering buying a pre-owned device. Apple learned that by using 3D Touch it was unable to offer decent battery life and it ditched the feature with its latest phones – the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The iPhone X packs 3D Touch and the battery backup of the phone is sub standard. Also, the fact that the device uses an old processor which is not as efficient as the one found on the iPhone XR or the iPhone 11 phones. This alone makes the iPhone X a very bad choice to consider in 2020.

The cameras on the iPhone X are just not good. While at the time it took good shots, it could never compete with the shots taken on the Pixel phones. Apple has finally begun to improve its phone’s camera quality to match that of Google’s Pixel phones with its latest iPhone 11 range.

The iPhone X would cost upward of $400 on online pre-owned stores. The iPhone XR is a better choice comparatively as it offers battery backup and camera performance. Also, if you can stretch your budget a little, the iPhone 11 is a much better phone because of its excellent camera performance. Try looking for a refurbished iPhone 11.