iPhone XR continues to be Apple’s best selling smartphone, beating the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS

iPhone XR appears to be one of the most sold smartphone device in the US compared to the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS since January 2019. According to the data shared by Counterpoint Research, the iPhone XR is ranked number one for being the top-selling smartphone device in the US.

iPhone XR Ranking in the US
US Top Flagship Ranking: January. [Source: Counterpoint Research]
Since a larger number of the iPhone XR were sold, Apple decided to increase its market share by 1% in the US. Due to the market share increase, the iPhone XR continued to be the number one seller until today. According to the research data, the iPhone XR success was due to its low affordable prices with a big screen that users wanted.

iPhone XR

This left the iPhone XS Max ranked number 2, followed by the Galaxy Note 9 at number 3 while the iPhone XS was ranked at number 4. Therefore, the iPhone XR was a winning product for Apple while the iPhone XS Max may have not been sold as Apple might have expected.