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It’s been a year since the release of the iPhone XR. Internally, almost everything is similar to last year’s flagship the iPhone XS. The two major differences are: the lower resolution display on the iPhone XR and one less camera on the back compared to the iPhone XS. However, that made it possible for Apple to sell the phone for a much lower price comparatively.

iPhone XR

In the US, the iPhone XR is now being sold for $599 (the launch price was $749) which is worth it. In India however, Apple products are extremely expensive all the time. But it appears that sometimes the tide could change: on Amazon India, the iPhone XR will be sold for 565 USD during Amazon’s Great India Festival.

The deal is the best you could find on the market. The price is very close to the newly launched OnePlus 7T which carries a price tag of Rs.37,999 (537 USD).  For Rs. 39,990, the iPhone XR is one of the compelling options for Indians at the moment. Apple’s iPhones make up for a meagre 2% of the smartphone market in the country. 

One of the best sub $600 phones

iPhone XR Battery Life Video

The iPhone XR sports the A12 Bionic chip similar to the one found on the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. The chips are extremely powerful which future proofs the phones: we expect the iPhone XR to be supported for another four years at the minimum.

On the front, the iPhone XR sports a bezel less 6.1 inch IPS LCD panel which is decent, nothing extraordinary. For casual use, the iPhone XR LCD does the job greatly, however for colour intensive tasks and for 4K video editing, the iPhone XR may fall behind (depends on the user’s requirement).

If you are looking to buy an iPhone for the very first time, grab the iPhone XR on Amazon India. Also, if you are planning to buy a phone in the 600 USD budget (under Rs. 40,000), the iPhone XR is one of the best phones you can buy – it will be a reliable, long-term companion.


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