Buy an iPhone XR Screen Protector For Only $1 on Amazon

Paying $1 for not one, but three tempered glass screen protectors will sound like a good deal, and it is. Mkeke Tempered Glass iPhone XR Screen Protector is on sale on Amazon for just $1 when you enter the code RH3UDY5U, which takes off $7 on the total price.

Before the advent of Gorilla Glass and stronger screens, it was considered unthinkable not to install some kind of screen protector on your latest phone.

Today’s materials are certainly tougher, but with all-glass phones such as the iPhone XR, it’s best to have some kind of protection. Otherwise, one wrong move and the screen gets a hairline crack or worse, turns into a non-functioning device.

iPhone XR Screen Protector

Glass on glass protection is great because the tempered screen absorbs the impact of any fall, bump or scratch while keeping the iPhone XR’s native screen safe. In the event that the screen guard cracks or develops deep scratches, then it’s just a matter of peeling it off and replacing it with a new one. What’s more, you get lifetime warranty on every purchase.

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