iPhone XR Smart Battery Case Hits All-Time Low At Only $102 On Amazon

Fancy a new iPhone XR Smart Battery Case? Today, Amazon is offering iPhone XR users a smart case for $27 off. While the selection is limited to only the black case, discounts are also being offered on the iPhone XS Max.

With the smart battery case iPhone XR users can squeeze approximately 27 video playback hours, 22 internet use hours and 39 talk time hours. The case may be charged using the standard lightning cable or via wireless Qi technology. Case owners will be able to see the charge percentage when they pull up the phone’s notification and Lock Screen.

Apple iPhone XR Smart Battery Case

The price tag of the XR smart case is the lowest its ever been, which makes for a good deal for those who haven’t bought a smart battery case for their iPhone XRs yet. You’re stuck with the black option, but with the $27 or 21% discount it may seem like a good trade-off.

Physical features include a microfiber-lined silicone, support for lightning accessories, support for faster charging via USB-PD adapters and protection against everyday scrapes and bumps.