2020 iPhones could have bigger batteries

Industry sources reveal that next year’s iPhones may have a 50% thinner and smaller battery protection module compared to previous iPhone models. This extra space could potentially be used to upgrade to a higher battery capacity.

In the same report, it was said that ITM Semiconductor in South Korea will be supplying the smaller customized module. Battery protection is an essential component as it protects against over-discharging and over-charging. ITM’s offering melds the circuit with a PCB and MOSFET and can work even without a holder case.

This is the 2020 iPhone device by Apple.

Apple may launch a new iPhone lineup for 2020, which includes a 6.7 inch, two 6.1 inch and a 5.4 inch model. All four smartphones are expected to come with 5G support, up to 6GB in memory, OLED screens, metal frames, triple lens camera setup and more.

To date, the iPhone 11 Pro Max boasts the largest battery capacity and can work 5 more hours compared to the iPhone XS Max.