2022 iPhone SE lead times extended


Indicators that there’s strong demand for the new iPhone SE model is showing as lead times have extended.

2022 iPhone

Samik Chatterjee, JP Morgan analyst says that delivery dates for the newest iPhone SE have lengthened across multiple regions. As of March 18, lead time is set at around 8 days for the Apple product.

Lead time in the US stands as the longest, with availability going towards March 29. This means delivery has been prolonged at around 12 days for 35 percent of shipments. China has a lead time of 6 to 8 days, but is shorter than when the 2020 iPhone SE was released. This accounts for 20 percent of shipments.

In Germany and the UK, delivery dates have been extended from 5 to 6 days. Chatterjee says that compared to other geographical regions Western Europe enjoys a ‘modest extension’.

Chatterjee summarizes lead date extensions might indicate greater demand than what’s expected, and more data may be needed to determine logistic and supply shifts.

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