A new leak claims Apple will ship the iPhone 12 with 20 Watt power adapter

Apple Leaker Mr. White shared photos of the 2-Watt adapter that he says Apple will ship with iPhone 12, on his Twitter account.

Currently, Apple iPhone 11 Pro comes with an 18-watt USB-C charger and ships iPhone 11 models with the 5-watt adapter. It is the same wattage that Apple charger had when it released the original iPhone in 2007. However, the 18-watt charger is the first fast-charger that Apple includes in the box.

iPhone 12 with 20 Watt Power Adapter

Apple has plans to release new 5G-based iPhones this fall. Apple will release four new devices this year. Apple will release one model which is 5.4-inch, one 6.7-inch handset, and two 6.1-inch models.  There are rumors that the new iPhone 12 models with 6.1 and the 6.7-inch screen will have high-end OLED displays. It is expected that these new iPhone 12 models will be the ones that will include the 20-watt power adapters.

Mr. White tweeted with the images saying:

It is also expected that Apple might include these 20-watt fast power adapter with faster charging to the entire iPhone 12 lineup.