A pink iPhone 15 might arrive in fall

Apple might be adding a pink color option to its iPhone 15 launch in the fall.

A Weibo post by user @VnchocoTaco showed an image where the words ‘green, light yellow, and pink’ were mentioned. The original post was in Chinese and refers to the colors of the iPhone 15. The leaker then mentioned that the color options for the upcoming smartphone would be Yellow, Starlight, Midnight, Pink, Product (RED), and Green.


The pink color in the iPhone 15 is not the only related rumor- it was believed that it would come in a crimson shade for the iPhone 15 Pro, as well as a dark red and blue color. As for the leaked image, the source seems to be coming from a Foxconn employee with a security badge. However, nothing is certain yet until Apple officially makes an announcement. The new colors may even be moved in the mid-year as Apple is apt to introduce them to stimulate consumer interest.