An iPhone 6s Still Works After Falling From An Airplane and Year-Long Exposure in Icelandic Weather

Here’s a remarkable story of how an iPhone 6s has managed to still work after being dropped from an airplane and being exposed for a year outdoors in Icelandic weather.

A year before, Haukur Snorrason, a photographer was traveling in a plane to try and capture aerial photos of South Iceland’s Skafta river. The iPhone he was using to get the glacier river floods was swept away by gusts of wind and fell about 200 feet to the rocky terrain below. Because there was a huge river that overflowed and caused road disruptions, Snorrason thought his iPhone 6s was lost forever.

Haukur Snorrason, a photographer was traveling in a plane

Then lo and behold, the photographer received a call 13 months later from a group of hikers who found his iPhone. Snorrason was astounded when he tried to turn on the smartphone and it worked!

Snorrason believes that his iPhone 6s hit a patch of moss which cushioned the impact, but was impressed by the iPhone’s durability to survive under freezing temperatures.

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