An online leak shows Apple iPhone 12 might have a smaller notch


Apple leaker Jon Prosser Tweeted two images that show the schematics of the new upcoming Phone 12. The images show that the new iPhone 12 will have a relatively smaller TrueDepth Sensor and a smaller notch than the existing ones.

Apple iPhone 12

Last year in July Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple analyst pointed out that the future model of the iPhone will see a smaller notch.

The image Jon posted is a CAD drawing. These drawings are similar to those that have surfaced before also shared by the partner manufacturers.  The first image is a bit blurry, while the second image gives more accurate details. It is an illustration that gives a better view of the notch. However, both the images show that the new iPhone will have a TrueDepth sensor which was part of the Apple iPhone X.

The illustration shows that there are some major changes to the original design. The speaker is now above the TrueDepth sensor. The sensor is now on the bezel. The notch also includes an InfraRed camera, the front camera, a dot projector, and a light sensor.

The TrueDepth sensor may also have a smaller height. However, the smaller size of the sensor is not confirmed yet, as the image does not point out the exact measurements.

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