A second modified iPhone X with USB-C instead of Lightning will be auctioned off on eBay.

iPhone with USB-C Port

Following Ken Pillonel’s modification of the iPhone X last year, an individual by the name of Gernot Jobstl has engineered another iPhone X to have a USB-C port as well as waterproofing.

Jobstl has uploaded a video of the smartphone on YouTube and credits GitHub for the effort. He mentioned that a custom part, which is made partly of carbon fiber supports the USB-C module that’s fitted in the device.

After soldering the connector he said he used superglue for wiring, and said that the result ‘doesn’t look so nice’.

Jobstl intends to sell the modified and waterproof iPhone X on eBay as a means to continue working on similar projects. He says the smartphone will go live on January 19 and for a yet-specified price.

Pillone’s USB-C iPhone sold for $86,000 in November last year.


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