App Store spend for US iPhone users rise in 2020

iPhone users in the United States have spent an average of $138 on App Store purchases last year, a 38% increase from previous year’s figure.

A report from Sensor Tower says Apple’s Apple Store had the highest growth last year. Overall, user spending on both Google Play Store and the App Store totaled $111 billion.

The reason for the increase was attributed to COVID-19, as people tend to stay at home. Remote education, work and play encouraged the use of apps and tools. This year, Sensor Tower says consumer app spending will reach $180 on average.

The gaming category saw the highest increase, with a 43% boost from 2019. Here, per-device spend rocketed to $76.80 on average from $53.80, mostly attributed again to the ongoing pandemic.

Other categories such as lifestyle, social networking, photo and video and entertainment experienced significant gains as well. Twitch, YouTube and TikTok were the top performers in this regard.

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