Apple acknowledges ‘Horizontal Lines’ screen issue for the iPhone 14 Pro

Apple has responded to growing concerns of users complaining about flashing horizontal lines on their iPhone 14 Pro displays.

The issue was seen just last month, with customers saying they see yellow and green horizontal lines briefly appear on their iPhone 14 display whenever they turn on their phones. The reason why it’s happening or if there’s any fix is undisclosed at the moment.

iPhone 14 Pro

In response, the Cupertino-based company sent a memo to acknowledge the issue of horizontal lines appearing and said that they will be investigating the problem. Furthermore, Apple mentioned that an update to fix the problem will be ‘coming soon’.

The next release of iOS may not be available until several weeks later. Currently, iOS 16.3 is undergoing a testing phase within the public beta program and is reserved only for developers. A patch may be released to address the bug and other concerns experienced by users.