Apple escapes lawsuit which claimed it intentionally broke FaceTime on older iPhones


According to Bloomberg, A consumer filed a lawsuit against Apple alleging that it intentionally broke FaceTime as a cost-saving measure. The court in Florida dismissed the lawsuit. 


Apple agreed to settle this lawsuit in February. According to the reports, the Florida Court ruled that the “complainants had several chances to file the lawsuit against Apple but did not complain before August 2919.” These remarks were given by Raag Singhal, Judge in the U.S. District Court.

Also, back in 2017, one consumer filed a lawsuit against Apple saying that Apple broke FaceTime so that users would upgrade to the latest iOS. The consumer filed the lawsuit saying Apple did that so that the users would have no choice but to upgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 7. According to that lawsuit, Apple did that to avoid paying Akamai for data deal. 

Apple used the peer-to-peer method to create a direct connection between two iPhones which used data servers of the company Akamai. Apple had to pay $50 million to Akamai as a fee for its service. However, Apple solved the problem by creating a technology that would be available in iOS 7. The lawsuit claimed that Apple created a fake bug. That bug would cause the iOS 6 to expire in 2014 forcing the users to upgrade to iOS 7.

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