Apple exec discusses product potential in ‘Shot on iPhone’ challenge


Kaiann Drance, iPhone marketing VP recently sat down with YouTuber Tyler Stalman to discuss the potential of their products when in capable hands.

Shot on iPhone 13

Following the ‘Shot on iPhone’ challenge where 10 winners were announced, Drance discussed the event and the potential of how the photos will look like when the products are ‘fully realized’.

Macro photography, for example, was long used by pros and required special equipment before. Now, it’s on the iPhone 13 Pro where users can bring their lens close and get ‘tremendous detail’ and ‘illuminate an ordinary thing into an extraordinary thing’.

The Apple exec also said how the iPhone is powerful and yet user-friendly to both beginners and veteran photographers alike. Drance said that Apple wanted it to be easy and for users to start playing and experimenting, as well as taking the shot.

Winners of the macro challenge include Ashley Lee, Abhik Mondal, Trevor Collins, Guido Cassanelli and Daniel Olah.

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