Apple iPhone 12’s price will be higher even without the adapter and EarPods in the box


Several reports say Apple will not include the EarPods and the charger in the box this year for its upcoming iPhone 12. It is also rumored that the price of this new iPhone 12 will be slightly lesser; however, one analyst believes that the price will still increase as compared to the iPhone 11.

iPhone 12’s

Analyst Jeff Pu says in a research note that the iPhone 12 will have a starting price of $749 for a new 5.4-inch model. This research note was provided to MacRumors. It means that the price will increase $50 as compared to the iPhone 11 which is $699. Jeff says that the increase in price is because of the inclusion of the OLED display and the 5G in all the iPhone 12 models. The iPhone 11 has LCD and not the OLED.

Jeff also says that it is because of the addition of 5G the customers will accept the higher price. He said the consumers will accept this price and it will not affect the demand. However, it is still controversial as there will be no charger and EarPods in the box. According to this prediction made by Jeff Pu, the 6.1-inch model will have a starting price of $799 or $849.

This prediction is in contradiction with the information shared previously by leaker Jon Prosser that the iPhone 12 will have a starting price of $649.

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