Apple May Launch an iPhone 15 Ultra, as per Leak

A leak has surfaced online regarding Apple launching a higher-tier iPhone 15 Ultra.

On his latest Twitter/X post, user Majin Bu iterated that Apple will be retaining the iPhone 15 Pro Max and launch a new tier iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 15 Ultra. The leaker said that the iPhone 15 lineup will be changed, with Apple launching the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the other Ultra version. Majin Bu said that the Ultra model will have higher hardware specifications as well as a higher price tag of about $100. 

iPhone 15

Majin Bu claims that the information makes sense as to what case manufacturers told him. Some manufacturers said that the Ultra is separate from the Pro Max and that the Pro Max would not be the latest model. According to him, the Pro Max will have 6GB of RAM and 1TB storage while the Ultra will have 8GB and 2TB storage, plus a ‘much better camera.’