Apple Online Store closes in preparation of iPhone 15

The official online Apple Store closed briefly to prepare for upcoming iPhone 15 pre-orders.

Apple has taken down its online store presence with a banner of the company’s logo and the phrase ‘we can’t wait either.’ In the tradition of a major device pre-order, the online store will usually close the website and reopen at 8 a.m. ET the next day. During this time, visitors and customers may not purchase any item online, including the ones that are already available.


Before shutting down the site, users could choose to pre-configure their iPhone 15 phones, including the model, storage capacity, color, and financing options before saving it for when pre-ordering becomes live. Those who went through the process can still change the configuration but only when the pre-order status becomes available.

Pre-order delivery is set to go on September 22, which is the same time that retail stores will start to carry the stock.