Apple is seemingly moving against the trend and has asked suppliers to produce 90 million-plus iPhone 14 models at launch.


Tech analysts have said that the global smartphone market is shrinking, while the Cupertino-based company has made some moves that defy the trend. For instance, Apple intends to ship out around 220 million iPhone units by the year 2022. The brand has constantly overcome slumps during the pandemic- for example, Mac shipments rose during the first quarter of 2022 even as the competition spiraled downward.

Then, in the next quarter Apple posted its best market share and held around 16% of the total global market. The iPhone also accounted for 62% of the global market share in Q1, with the smartphones costing $400 and above, which signals the fact that Apple consumers are willing to spend extra on high-end products.

The upcoming iPhone 14 lineup is expected to launch this fall.


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