Apple raises price of iPhone 13 in Japan

The iPhone 13 lineup has been marked up in Japan after the region experiences weakening currency and inflation.

International pricing mainly depends on logistic and currency values. Just about a week ago, the Japanese iPhone 13 was cheaper compared to its US counterpart, with the base iPhone 13 with 128GB storage priced at 99,800 yen, or around $732. Today, the same model and configuration is priced at 117,800 yen, or around $864.

iPhone 13

All iPhone 13 models have experienced the same markup, with the largest price hike seen on the iPhone 13 Pro Max model. The 128GB configuration is now priced $1,173 from $989; for comparison, the same iPhone 13 Pro Max is only $1,099.

The reason for the price hike is that the USD had gotten 18% stronger compared to the Japanese yen. Consumers are also in the midst of inflation which affects nearly every commodity.