Apple releases iPhone 12 Mini videos on TikTok

Apple has recently released a few videos on TikTok after signing up on the short form video platform 6 months ago. Today, the company has commissioned influencers to make promotional videos regarding its iPhone 12 mini.

In total, four videos have been uploaded, with content highlighting the iPhone 12 mini’s compact size. All of them make use of image effects and edits to shrink large objects. The influencers who made them are Jessica Wang, Julian Bass, Kevin B Parry, and Zach King, who have followers ranging from 800 thousand to 50 million.

iPhone 12 Mini Videos on TikTok

With this update Apple’s TikTok account now has 376 thousand followers and roughly the same number of likes.

TikTok in the US was to be banned by Trump and administration but since a new president has been elected the app will likely continue without experiencing repercussions.

Other social media offer similar short form video features. For example, Snapchat recently launched Spotlight to get a piece of the market.