Apple sends warning to iPhone infected Russian journalists

Apple has begun sending warnings to Russian journalists that their iPhones are being targeted by the Pegasus spyware.

The Pegasus tool is a known software and is typically used by law enforcement agencies and governments to track people of interest, which include journalists and activists. With the latest report, Pegasus seems to be the malware of choice against Russian journalists.

iPhone Infected

The New York Times reported that Apple has been active in sending notifications to media workers and journalists in Russian news outlets, with warnings that they may have become targets of ‘state-sponsored hackers.’

Historically, Apple sends notifications regarding state-sponsored attackers and has a dedicated page to tell users what the malware is and how they can protect themselves. Despite the public opinion about Pegasus and NSO Group’s involvement in the tool, it’s still in use largely for surveillance purposes. The latest instance of the malware in use was in Armenia.