Apple Stores get new diagnostic tool for iPhones with booting issues

iPhone users can now visit a nearby Apple Store to have their devices fixed if it’s rebooting unexpectedly and during random moments.

Apple Authorized Service Providers and Apple Stores have received a new diagnostic tool to check and solve ‘unexpected rebooting concerns’. Store employees and authorized service employees can run the tool and see if the device has had unexpected restarts over the span of 14 days.


If the diagnostic tool and system check does reveal that the iPhone is doing restarts, Apple technicians are to proceed with the hardware repair. However, if the iPhone passes the diagnostic scan the technicians are advised to guide the customer through software and hardware support documents.

The newly introduced diagnostic tool allows Apple technicians to quickly determine if the iPhone is unexpectedly restarting instead of having to manually review analytics logs or restore the device. The ‘System Stability’ equipment is a part of the company’s Service Toolkit 2.