Apple submits patent for ‘iPhone Fold’

Apple’s latest submitted patent aims for the iPhone to have a rollable screen.

The patent, titled ‘Electronic Devices with Rollable Displays’ claims that an electronic device could have a rollable display, which can be ‘moved’ from an unrolled state to a rolled state, with a section of the display stored in this state. It continues by saying that the screen could produce pixel arrays and a protective layer atop it. What’s interesting to note is that Apple said the protective layer could also contain glass.

iPhone Fold

As for making a rollable screen work, the patent suggests that the display could be completely or partly rolled up and configured in a way that compressive stress is applied to the outer parts to prevent damage in a bent state. The Cupertino-based company has been toying with the idea of a folding iPhone ever since it began submitting patents in 2017. The latest patent credits two inventors, namely Christopher Jones and Que Anh Nguyen.