Apple submits patent for ‘Tougher iPhones’

Apple recently submitted a patent to make tougher iPhones.

The patent, titled ‘Spatial Composites’, refers to the addition of ceramic or metal chassis that can improve the smartphone’s scratch resistance. Apple said that tablets, watches, and mobile phones can experience the usual wear and tear that leads to abrasions and marring on the device’s surface. The Cupertino-based company further iterates that ‘regular housing’ for the devices may have different properties, including improved abrasion resistance, strength, appearance, and electromagnetic shielding.

Tougher iPhones

Apple outlined the benefits of each material, including ceramic, metal, and plastic housings, and said that the solution was to ‘use more than one material’ for the chassis. With the patent, it might be possible that future iPhones will no longer need a case that can protect against drops and scratches.

Patents give consumers an idea of the direction a company is taking with future products. However, the invention or feature may or may not be released depending on the company’s decision.