Apple supplier expects delay in new iPhone launch

Apple supplier Broadcom has suggested that the launch of iPhone models could be delayed this year. Broadcom manufactures the parts for Apple’s iPhones. The company suggested that the delay could happen because of the ongoing pandemic.

According to Bloomberg, Hock Tan CEO of Broadcom discussed that there will be a major delay in the product cycle. In his comment, he said the delay will be for the “large North American mobile phone” company.


Although he did not mention the name of the company Bloomberg says that he sues this phrase for Apple. Tan was describing the current situation of his company and said, that this year they do not expect the revenue to increase until the fourth quarter.

There are several rumors about the release of Apple models; however, the most famous date for release is fall 2020. However, there may be delays that apple is facing and that will cause it to release or launch a few models a month or two later.

Back in 2018, Apple released iPhone XS in September and then later in October released the iPhone XR. So the same cycle of relapsing different models is expected this year.