Apple surveys iPhone users asking them what they do with old power adapters

Samantha Wiley
By Samantha Wiley  - Senior News Editor
Apple Surveys iPhone Users

Multiple reports say Apple will not include a power adapter with the upcoming iPhone lineup later in 2020. Apple is also now conducting surveys and asking the iPhone users what do they do with their old power adapters which came with the previous iPhone boxes?

Apple asked, “What do you do with USB Power Adapter that came in the box with iPhone 7 Plus?”

Apple Surveys iPhone Users

Asking this question in the survey, Apple also gave the users several options form which they can choose the answer: Apple asked if they gave it to another family member or their friend. Did they recycle it? Did they replaced it or lost it? They are still using the charger at home? It is no longer working? They have it but do not use it? Did they sell it?

The screenshot of the survey question and the options were given by a twitter user bedabb.

The Apple surveys are elaborate and cover various aspects of Apple products. Apple also asked a Brazilian Twitter user @Gunstaxl about how he uses the iPhone charger? In the above survey, Apple asks the users specifically about the power adapter that came with iPhone 7 Plus.

As the rumors claim that Apple will no longer include the power adapter in the box, it has generated a lot of gossip and controversy among Apple users. It will, however, save Apple space, money, and reduce the e-waste. The survey could be to study the user behavior of what they do with their old power adapters. Apple might analyze the result and then decide for including or not including the adapter in the box.

By Samantha Wiley Senior News Editor
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