Apple to begin production of 6.1-inch iPhone in July


According to the report by DigiTimes production for the upcoming 6.1-inch, “iPhone 12” is all set t begin in July-August. This production will be ahead of the rest of Apple’s flagship iPhone lineup this year.


It is rumored that Apple will launch four new ‌‌iPhone‌‌ models by October this year. Among these four new models, it is also suggested that Samsung will supply LCDs for three models and the fourth model’s display will be provided by LG and BOE. 

The reason for the early production of the two 6.1-inch iPhone models is because Samsung will not supply the touch modules instead these will be outsourced from supply chain partners. 

Samsung will provide 6.7-inch and 5.4-inch OLED panels which will also come along with the Y-OCTA Touch technology. Samsung’s touch technology is better in many ways, one of the reasons is that the OLED Panel and the Y-OCTA flexible display tech use the same touch layer. 

Last month display analyst Ross Young gave a report that highlighted the features and resolutions of the upcoming OLEDs for all iPhone lineups. Ross also claimed in his report that the production of the panels will begin at the end of July.

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