Apple to have longer charging cable for iPhone 15, as per new leak

A new online leak claims that Apple will be using a longer charging cable for the upcoming iPhone 15.

A leaker by the name of @KosutamiSan posted an image on social media platform X, saying that the included USB-C cable on the iPhone 15 will be 1.5 meters in length. The leaker also said that the smartphone would have color-matched and braided cables in a past rumor.

Longer Charging Cable for iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 will be Apple’s first smartphone to get to USB-C instead of Lightning. In addition to the longer cable, the leaker mentioned that Apple might be planning on changing the interior packaging in line with the new accessory. The change of cable length will now go from 1 to 1.5 meters when this happens.

Apple’s shift from Lightning to USB-C could be to comply with increasing pressure from international laws and to take advantage of the technology’s interoperability and speed.