According to the sources Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple will not include the EarPods and the Power Adapter in the iPhone 12’s box. He mentioned it in a research note received by MacRumors. Earlier this week an analyst at Barclays also made the same prediction.

20W Power Adapter for iPhone 12

According to Ming-Chi Kuo Apple will not include the charger but sell it as an accessory separately. It will be a 20W power adapter. He also said that Apple will end the production for its 5W and the 18W power adapters by the end of this year. It is expected that the form of the new 20W power adapter will be similar to the 18W version. It will have the USB-C for quick charging.

Apple to separately sell 20W Power Adapter for iPhone 12

As the iPhone 12 will have 5G support, Apple analyst believes that the production will increase. Kuo also says that the price of the new models is expected to be lower. Apple usually sets a higher price for its new models, but this time the price will be reasonable. It will be at a price that is comparable to its existing iPhone 11 models. It is also expected as claimed by Barclays that Apple will still have the USB-C lightning cable in the box.

Kuo also expects that Apple will stop the 5-Watt adapter production and will continue the 12-Watt adapter for the iPad mini, iPad Air, and 10.2-inch iPad.


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