Apple touts iPhone 12 Pro’s camera with ‘Dark Universe’ video


Apple today has uploaded a short video featuring the iPhone 12 Pro’s camera.

iPhone 12 Pro's Camera

The iPhone 12 Pro has new low-light and Dolby Vision technology to capture high quality videos even in low-light conditions. Apple has shared a new ‘shot on iPhone 12 Pro’ video to showcase the device’s capabilities on its official YouTube Channel, titled ‘Dark Universe’.


The 2-minute video highlights the inventive scenes shot on the iPhone 12 Pro. Low-light photography can be achieved without the use of additional lens or equipment.

Apple has also included a ‘behind the scenes’ video to show how the capturing and elements were done on YouTube. The 5-minute video follows the creators as they sought to achieve the look they wanted using the latest iPhone. The creators also talked about various camera technologies such as the telephoto lens and HDR, among others.

The iPhone 12 Pro is currently available to buy now at and at an Apple Store.

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