Apple unlocks iPhone 14 same-device repairs globally

iPhone 14 owners will have the option to get same-unit repairs from Apple Stores and Authorized Service Providers globally.

According to an internal memo, Apple Stores and authorized repair centers can now order parts for iPhone 14 repairs, which gives consumers flexibility in having their current devices repaired instead of having to opt for a new one.


The iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 come with removable back panels for easier repair. In comparison, the iPhone 14 Pro can only be opened on the front side. Apple Authorized Service Providers and Apple Stores can order parts to get their customers’ iPhone 14 units working again.

A typical battery replacement of an iPhone 14 costs $99 in the US, while having an AppleCare+ makes the service free of charge. However, this is true if the original battery has at least 80% capacity. Apple’s official iPhone Repair and Service page provides more detail on iPhone 14 repair fees.