Apple uploads ‘10 Helpful iPhone Tips’ On its support channel

Apple recently shared a new ‘tips and tricks’ video for iPhone users.

The video, titled ‘10 helpful iPhone tips’ is five minutes long and outlines the ways iPhone users can take to maximize their device experience. New features in iOS 16, including selecting subjects in photos and the refreshed customizable Lock Screen get noteworthy mentions.

10 Helpful iPhone Tips

Apple uploaded the new video on Christmas as a way for new iPhone users to get accustomed to their smartphones. Low-key features, like the Low Power Mode and Text Replacement allow users to save energy and just paste their most-used text (address or email, for example), respectively. To access your iPhone’s camera quickly, you can tap and hold the shortcut, which is found at the Lock Screen’s bottom right corner.

Those who don’t wish to read the tips can head straight to the video, which can be found on the Apple Support official YouTube channel.