A few users of iPhone 11, Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro MAX noticed an odd green tint display on their iPhones. Several users have registered complaints about this happening with their device displays on MacRumors and Reddit forums.

iPhone 11 green tint

The reason for this problem is not yet discovered. The users say that when they unlock the device the green tint appears on the display for a few seconds and then goes away. A few users also say that the green tint covers the display when they enable Night Shift and the Dark Mode. Some other users also complain that it happens when the brightness is at its lowers setting.

One user says that when he unlocks the iPhone one out of four times his display gets a green tint. The user says that it remains there for three seconds and then disappears and the screen becomes normal.

Some users say that this has been happening ever since they updated their devices to iOS 13.4.1. It suggests that it might not be a hardware issue. Not every iPhone 11 user has been affected by this problem, only a few have reported. The iPhone 11, Pro, and Pro MAX have been affected the most, however, there have also been a few reports of iPhone X users with the same issue.


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