The prolific leaker Jon Prosser shared the information shared a tweet which says that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone prototype. It features separate display panels that are connected with a hinge and are not like Samsung’s foldable model which has a single display.

Foldable iPhone

The same information was also shared by Jon Rettinger in a YouTube interview.

His original tweet says:

He then goes ahead and says that it seems like Apple has attached two phones. He also adds that although the panels are separate, he claims that the display panels are seamless and continuous.

The idea of a foldable iPhone

It is only a prototype that Apple is working on, claims Prosser. There is no telling when Apple will start to develop the foldable device. The rumors of Apple working on the foldable iPhone have been around since 2016. Currently, there is no word if the foldable device will ever get out of the prototype stage.


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