A recent auction of a sealed iPhone original model has fetched an amazing total of $63,356.40.


LCG Auctions held the event and opened bidding for the lot on February 2. When the bid was closed at the deadline on February 19, there were 27 bids in total and the price was raised to more than $63,000. The owner had the device as a gift in 2007, but didn’t open the box or use it as it was locked for the AT&T network. 

From then on, the iPhone was left in the box for 15 years. To scale, the bid price of $63,356.40 is only a fraction of the $599 original price of the model when it launched to the public. It’s the highest-ever sum on an original iPhone- last year, two units sold for $35,000 and $39,000, making the latest bid a record breaker.


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