Popular blogger and iPhone reviewer Austin Mann have recently updated his site to highlight the capabilities of the new ProRAW camera format.

Austin Mann

ProRAW is a camera-centric update that was added for the iOS 14.3. The format maximizes the iPhone 12’s computational power to produce more details and accurate imaging over sharpening, noise reduction, white balance and other aspects.

Mann used an iPhone 12 Pro Max in night conditions and compared the ProRAW format to standard mode. After editing in Lightroom Mann put the photos on a side-by-side manner, revealing stars that were eliminated in the standard image.

Austin Mann showcases iPhone 12 ProRAW feature on website

The review included a ProRAW video benefit where HDR scenes had an expanded color range and brighter sunlight and shadows. The 12-bit aspect of ProRAW allow for greater color depth and nuanced shades.

Mann adds that ProRAW should be used in scenarios when general algorithms aren’t enough. Some of the shots that can benefit from ProRAW include super dynamic range, extreme low light and indoor mixed lighting.


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