Bidding for First-Gen iPhone expected to reach $50K

LCG Auctions has recently held an auction for a sealed original iPhone, with the final bid expected to reach $50,000.

The auction started February 2 and will be open for bids up until the 19th. The owner, Karen Green, said that she received the device as a gift in 2007 when she started working at PetSmart. During that time, Green already had three phone contracts with Verizon. To compound the ‘unused’ tag, the original iPhone only accepts AT&T service.


Green kept the iPhone on a shelf until 2019, when she decided to have it appraised. However, the offered amount was $5,000, and waited until 2023 to sell the item. The proceeds of the auction will be used to start a business.

Previous iPhone bids include $39,340 for a factory-sealed iPhone in October 2022 and $35,000 in August 2022, while a first-generation iPod that was sealed was bought for $25,000.