Apple was penalized in the region of Brazil for selling iPhones without a charger.


The Brazilian Justice Ministry recently sanctioned Apple for selling charger-less iPhones, with officials claiming that the Cupertino-based company is giving customers an ‘incomplete product’ due to the absence of the power adapter. The government says that this practice is a ‘deliberate discriminatory practice against consumers’.

In addition, Apple faces a 12.275 million reais fine, which is equivalent to around $2.34 million for the charger-less iPhone sales. Officials have told Apple to stop selling iPhone units that do not come with a charger, which includes the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lineup.

Apple has stopped including chargers and earpods beginning with the iPhone 12 lineup, which began in 2020. The tech giant filed an appeal and explained to the officials that not including adapters cuts down on waste and offers environmental benefits, but the argument was rejected.


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