Buy the Apple iPhone 11 Battery Case with Wireless Charging for $99


Charging your iPhone 11 can be a bit difficult especially when you do not have a power source. Why not be a bit smart and buy iPhone 11 Apple Smart Battery Case with wireless charging capabilities.

Apple Smart Battery Case with Wireless Charging for iPhone 11

Also, when you buy it from Amazon you get a huge discount. Amazon charges you only $99 whereas the original price is $129. It means you save $30. 

Apple Smart Battery Case with Wireless Charging for iPhone 11

When you need a longer battery life for your iPhone 11, you can use this batter case. It delivers almost 50% more battery life. You can charge the iPhone wirelessly using this battery case.

No need to look for lengthy cables!  This battery case works with iOS 13.2 or above. When you have the battery case on, it will show the battery status on the iPhone’s screen. 

You can charge the case using the USB-PD charger or the Qi-certified chargers. However, it will charge the case quickly with the USB-PD charger as compared to the other chargers.

One full charge of the battery case will give your iPhone 11 increased Talktime and longer video playback. The battery case feels good in the hand. It is soft and also protects the iPhone 11 from falls. 

With this Amazon deal, you can buy it only for $99 instead of $129.

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