Canada and the UK get iPhone health records

Health records can now be accessed and viewed on the iPhone in Canada and UK.

An update to the iPhone Health app will show that iPhone owners in the UK and Canada can now view their full health records and store them on their smartphones.

iPhone Health Records

Canada’s Women’s College Hospital and the UK’s Oxford University Hospitals are the first ones to adapt the new platform.

Kevin Lynch, Apple VP of Technology mentioned that iPhone Health Records were designed to empower users and provide health records that can be viewed anytime. In the US, the feature is already supported by more than 11,000 care locations and 500 institutions.

Health Records allow users to consolidate their records from multiple locations without having to log in every one of them. Integration is done via direct encryption from the patient’s iPhone to the medical institution and vice versa, and displays vitals, conditions, medications, lab results, procedures and more. 

Apple promises more medical facilities will support Health Records in the upcoming months.