Apple has released a new video ad for its iPhone 12, titled ‘Fumble’.

iPhone 12

The video highlights the display toughness of the smartphone’s ceramic shield glass. A woman loses control of her (PRODUCT) Red iPhone 12 and it falls in slow-motion to the ground.

The dropping sets in motion an attempt to try and recover the iPhone, to which the song ‘The Conference’ by Nitin Sawhney plays. In the end, the iPhone 12 lands on the ground but the screen is still unscathed.

The ad tagline says ‘iPhone 12 with Ceramic Shield. Tougher than any smartphone glass. Relax, it’s iPhone’. The technology is introduced in the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12, where nano-ceramic crystals are set within glass matrices for added toughness.

Apple has recently been releasing a number of ad videos for its iPhone 12 flagship, focusing on different features such as built-in privacy measures, Dolby Vision and cameras on every ad.


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