China Bans iPhone use in government offices

China recently sent out a mandate requiring all government employees to leave their iPhones out while working.

The move is similar to the US government imposing a ban on Huawei devices in the country. Xi Jinping, the nation’s leader, has called out for state-owned businesses and government officials to replace their foreign devices with recommended ‘safe’ counterparts. This isn’t the first time China has imposed a foreign-designed tech crackdown- for the last decade, the country has set similar restrictions as what had occurred.

China Bans iPhone

Most iPhone models are made in China, with a large percentage of components being manufactured there as well. Apart from possible security reasons, there is no logic as to why the country would ban iPhone usage other than seeing that the device is owned by a foreign company.

It’s worth noting that most iPhones sold in China are to the general population, and governmental spending for the Apple product is only 19 percent.