China government ban affecting iPhone 15 sales ‘Overblown’

An analytics firm is confident that iPhone 15 sales will not be affected by China’s iPhone ban in government offices.

There has been news about China imposing an iPhone ban on its offices, citing security as its main concern. Following the restrictions, it’s predicted that the government will take things a step further and could cause reduced share prices for Apple. Wedbush, however, said that the whole situation is ‘overblown’ and it will constitute roughly 500 thousand units out of the 45 million expected.

iPhone 15

Wedbush continued that based on its checks in the Asia region, about 85 million iPhone 15 models will be produced when it’s launched. The figure coincides with last year’s numbers for the iPhone 14 lineup.

The iPhone 15 is expected to be revealed in Apple’s ‘Wonderlust’ event. Several rumors claim that Apple will be raising the price tag on several iPhone 15 models, including the Pro Max.