Chris Evans announces his iPhone 6s retirement

Hollywood actor Chris Evans recently took to social media to announce that he will be upgrading his iPhone 6s to a newer model.

Evans announced on Instagram and Twitter that he was having issues with his longtime iPhone, particularly the ‘grainy’ pictures or sudden battery drops. The actor said that he was switching phones but did not exactly say what the iPhone model was.


The star’s Instagram post received one million likes in just 12 hours, while his Twitter post saw half a millions likes and a lengthening discussion thread. Some of the topics include the fact that he won’t miss the home button and will soon forget it.

The post had a photo of his iPhone 6s ‘transferring data from iPhone’ to another model. It’s unclear when Evans got his iPhone 6s and its age of ownership with the Hollywood actor. The latest iPhone is believed to be either a 12 or 13 model.