Chris Evans says new iPhones ‘Too Heavy’

Apple TV+ alumni Chris Evans recently went on an interview with Collider and says that new iPhones are ‘too heavy’.

Evans recently upgraded to a new iPhone 12 after saying goodbye to his iPhone 6s. However, while most people will be happy with the change, the ‘Captain America’ actor has a few qualms about his smartphone, particularly the absence of a Home button and how he needs to use extra force to keep his phone in his hands.


The ‘Knives Out’ star also says that weight isn’t the only issue, and that he wouldn’t want the newer iPhone SE. The Hollywood actor said that he specifically wants the iPhone 6, or ‘something from before to work until it doesn’t work anymore’.

Chris Evans appears in Apple TV+ series ‘Defending Jacob’ and is set to return to the platform in the near future. The Collider interview is available to watch on Collider’s official YouTube channel.