Continuity Camera is a recently introduced feature for macOS Ventura during the WWDC 2022 event.

use iPhone as Webcam

macOS Ventura users and iPhone owners can now use their smartphone’s camera as a webcam on their Mac. The feature needs a mount and has to be aligned in a certain way to unlock all of its functions- Apple intends to work with several third party retailers like Belkin to come up with accessories for Continuity Camera.

For now, there is no official product that can be bought to mount an iPhone to the Mac.

Jonathan Wight on Twitter has made several mount patterns for the iMac Pro and MacBook Pro for Continuity Camera. Those interested can 3D print the design and attach it to their Macs to correctly hold their iPhones in place.

Continuity Camera is auto-activated and works in wireless or wired mode. The iPhone’s rear camera will be adjusted to get the best quality picture, with several modes such as Portrait, Center Stage and Studio Light, among others.


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