Crash Bandicoot game to arrive on iPad and iPhone 2021

Beloved game series Crash Bandicoot will be arriving on the iPad and iPhone.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run features the popular mascot but in a new genre. King will serve as the developer and the game is an endless runner.

Crash Bandicoot enthusiasts can expect all the characters to be here, including the bosses, locations, and more. In On the Run, players can craft weapons and gadgets, earn rewards and go on multiplayer adventures, among others. The crash will be customizable as well.

The plot of the game is the same- Crash is out to save the multiverse from Dr. Neo Cortex, an evil scientist. Gameplay involves smashing crates, building a base and battling classic bosses in the Crash franchise.

Pre-registration of ‘Crash Bandicoot: On the Go’ can be done in the App Store. Those who do get notifications when the game goes live in Spring 2021 and get an exclusive blue hyena skin on Day 1.

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