The delivery timeline for iPhone 13 orders stabilize

Analysts are looking at delivery times for the newly launched iPhone 13 across several regions and believe demand is still going strong for the flagship Apple device.

Sam Chatterjee, JP Morgan analyst mentioned that iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini delivery times have stabilized on average, with lead times of 32 for the Pro Max and Pro models, and 12 and 13 days for the mini and iPhone 13 variants.

iPhone 13

In the US, lead times for the Pro models are at 28 days, while the mini and iPhone 13 are at 11 days. In-store pickups observe the same timeframe. In the UK, shipping time for the iPhone 13 and mini models are set at 11 days while the Pro and Pro Max variants are set at 25 days.

China has the worst delivery date, with iPhone 13 and the mini at 15 and 19 days, while the Pro versions are set at 45 days.